Liberty and the Arts

By Rebekah | Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, February 18th, 2016 at 11:20 am

Liberty Auto Sales has been a long time supporter of the chamber music quintet WindSync who performed an enchanting concert at Zilkha Hall in the Hobby Center over Valentine’s weekend. They collaborated with HSPVA’s dancers to create a Shakespeare-inspired performance art experience that was an inspiring way to celebrate Valentine’s. I’m very proud of Liberty’s support of WindSync in that we’ve provided a means for the group to travel all over the country as well as internationally and to bring classical music into schools. WindSync also graces the cover of Art + Culture magazine this month! For up to date performance information, check



imageI’ve just learned that beyond supporting the arts, Liberty has inspired the arts! My niece Lauren wrote a poem about Liberty for a school assignment on metaphors. I was so touched by her words and the emotions she expressed in the poem that I feel that I have to share it. Having grown up on the car lot, it thrills me to see a new generation forming memories in our family business. The imagery she uses totally hit home to me! I love that she captured our commitment to a bilingual workplace and that she knows that we view our customers as friends. And yes, there is usually a lot of barbeque. I know you all will enjoy her work as much as I do!


Liberty Auto Sales

Liberty auto sales

Is a big happy place.

The motors in cars are

Whirring rollers.

The clicking of laptops

Are pigeons pecking the


The smell of

The Barbeque for lunch is like

the smell of a taunting Heath bar.


The Spanish is

The English.

Helping with my cousins

Here is a day on the beach.

Wearing boots is

Wearing tennis shoes.

Walking across the street to

The other lot is taking a stroll down the street.


Speaking to customers is speaking to friends and running around the lot is running in gym, except with my cousins.

-Lauren Baker