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The Liberty Difference

Friday, February 6th, 2015

It doesn’t take long to realize that Houston is a car city. Drive down any of our freeways or main thoroughfares, and you’ll see that it’s flanked with car dealerships. With all of the dealerships around, how do you choose? Let me tell you what sets us apart.

The Price and Down Payment are on the Windshield

Whether you drive to one of our four lots or use our website to search our inventory, you will see the price and down payment on the windshield of every vehicle. It’s right there for you to see and consider. We know your time is valuable, and comparing prices is the first step in choosing a vehicle. To make your selection process faster and easier, we put that necessary piece of information right on the windshield.


You Buy Here. You Pay Here.

We sell you the car, and we finance the car. We do not sell your loan to some faceless bank. We develop a personal relationship with our customers and stick with them through the duration of their financing. The same person who sold you the car will be the same person who greets you when you come in to make a payment. If you have a problem making your payment, you’ll get to talk to someone who already knows you, not some stranger who may not even be in the samecountry!

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We do NOT install GPS or Starter Interrupters on our vehicles

Many car dealers install GPS tracking devices or starter interrupters on their vehicles before selling them. These devices give the dealer the power to interfere with your ability to drive your vehicle. I can’t imagine a more terrifying situation than being in an emergency and not being able to turn on my car, because someone somewhere flipped a switch. Likewise, we are not watching your movements through a GPS tracker. It’s just not the way we do business at Liberty. We believe in communicating with our customers and finding a payment plan that works for them if circumstances come up that hold up their original schedule.

Our Vehicles are Hand Selected by Experienced Buyers

Every single Liberty car, truck, SUV, or van has been selected by some of the most experienced car buyers in the state of Texas. Our buyers stock our lots with the best vehicles at the best prices. You’ll see that our lots are full of a wide variety of makes and models with low miles at prices that beat the competition. The reason for this is because we have experienced buyers working hard to make sure Liberty has the best to offer our customers.

These are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest of the car dealerships in Houston. As our customers already know, Liberty is cut above the rest. When you’re ready to buy a car, come see us and experience The Liberty Difference.

Liberty Loves Innovation

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


I remember when we got our first computer at Liberty. It was a momentous occasion, because we could play Tetris at the car lot. Talk about innovation! This was years before anyone had heard of the Internet, but we felt cutting edge. My brothers, my dad, and I all battled over who had the highest Tetris score. My dad had an unfair advantage in that he clocked in more hours. We kids had to go to school after all.
We’ve gone from that single, offline computer to a web-based company. Thanks to our awesome new site,, you can view the inventory at all four locations, connect to us on Twitter and Facebook, and even monitor your account and make your payments online.
So go take a look. You’ll like what you see. Liberty Auto Houston


More than a Car Dealership

Monday, January 19th, 2015

That dollar in your pocket, you worked hard to get it. It didn’t come easy, and now you get to decide what to do with that dollar. Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make. You have to trust your car. You have to be sure that it will take you where you need to go when you need to go there. You have to have a car that meets your needs, whether that’s a pickup like a Chevy Silverado, a minivan like a Dodge Grand Caravan, or a sedan like a Ford Fusion. And you know what, you need to love that car! It needs to put a smile on your face. It’s color and style reflect your taste, your personality.

At Liberty we would like to be your trusted advisor when it comes to your car purchase. We’re more than a car dealership; we’re the ones who will walk with you through every step of the sales process. We’ll help you find the car that you can trust, that meets your needs, and that makes your face light up. We’re happy to show them to you in person, but you can also start by browsing our inventory online at  As a used car dealership, we’re able to stock a wide variety of inventory from domestic to foreign.  At this moment we have everything from Ford to Chevrolet to Chrysler to Jaguar to Infiniti to Toyota. We have every size of vehicle from 4 Door Crew Cab trucks to the Volkswagon Beetle. As a family owned and operated business, we offer you the personal attention you need throughout your purchase experience that insures your trust not only in your vehicle but in Liberty as your car dealer. When you drive off in your car, our relationship with you continues. We’ve sold cars to generation after generation of the same families, because we value the trust they’ve placed in us. At Liberty, we strive to be more than your car dealer; we want to be your trusted advisor in your car purchase today and every car purchase after.

The Top 10 Things You DON’T Know About Liberty

Monday, October 20th, 2014

1. Three of our four locations used to be restaurants! Our lot at 209 W. Little York and our lot at 6111 Airline were both Sonics. Our newest lot at 1725 Wirt Road used to be a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza. When we bought the property, the building still had the giant walk-in freezer! Who would’ve guessed that restaurants make good car lots? Thankfully Mr. B. has an eye for design!

2. A third of our employees have been with us for over 10 years. Some have either passed or are approaching the 20 year mark. Many of our employees started out here right out of high school and were even classmates at Sam Houston High School. Believe me, we’ve had fun looking through those year books. It’s been awesome for Liberty to have this kind of stability. Each generation just trains up the younger one!  It’s like one big family, no matter what our last names are.

3. Speaking of family . . . Liberty loves babies! Hardly a year goes by without a new baby being born into our Liberty family. Many of these babies have spent more time at the car lot than at a daycare or preschool! My twins started coming to work with me at 5 months old and still think that the car lot is one of the best places in the world. They love lot #1 the best, because Grandpa is there of course!

4. Family, Family, and More Family! There are a lot of Bakers in this company to be sure: my dad, my mom, my two brothers, and me. However, we have three more sibling sets in our business! We have Jessica and Esthela, who are sisters. Then there’s Laura and Olivia, also sisters. Our newest set is actually sister-in-law, Cinthya and Rossi. You’d think working with your brothers and sisters would be tough, but we all manage to get along somehow!

5. We have a “vintage,” pink boombox that has been playing nonstop for at least 20 years. Seriously, no one has turned it off in decades. We just lower the volume when we close up at night. I personally bought this beautiful boombox in 1986 from Sam’s. I saved up my allowance to make this glorious purchase, even though my brothers tried to persuade me to buy baseball cards. It turned out to be a great buy, since it’s still working almost 30 years later! One former employee tried to steal it, but the boombox is still here and she’s not.The Boombox

6. Liberty Autos has the best security system ever. We’re guarded by two formidable cacti.  Yes, i’m talking about the plant. Decades ago, my dad brought back a small clipping that he cut from  a cactus on the side of the road in South Texas. Now it’s massive and has a baby. It blooms and bears fruit. Folks from the neighborhood come by and take the young leaves to make nopales. It’s definitely a deterrent for any who imagine climbing the fence.

7. Those of us who’ve been around Liberty since the early 90s are all formidable Tetris champions. In those days, we had one computer, and that computer had one game. You guessed it, Tetris!  My dad claims to be the all time best player, but it’s not exactly fair since he had way more time to play it. Also, he’d kick us off the computer whenever we were getting too close to his high score, alleging he had actual work to do!


8. We are dyed in the wool supporters of Houston sports teams. Whether it’s the  Dynamo, Rockets, Texans, or Astros, we cheer exclusively and fanatically for our teams! We watch the games in the office at the same time we’re selling you a car. It just wouldn’t be a normal day at Liberty if we didn’t spend at least half of it discussing the most recent game, the players, the coaches, and how much we loathe the Cowboys!


9.  Liberty lives by its very own set of traditions. I guess that’s natural if you’ve been around as long as we have. We must always watch the trail riders go down Little York at the kick off of every Rodeo season. We must have tamales on Christmas Eve. We must hold foot races down Domino Lane any time a challenger arises that claims he or she can run faster than my dad. We must have pie from My Dee Dee’s Pie Shoppe at least once a week.

10. The last thing you may not have known about Liberty is that we are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year! We’ve come a long way since 1981 and are thrilled to look back on the tens of thousands of cars we’ve sold and customers we’ve met. There will be lots of special Liberty events throughout the year, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website.