Back to the Future

By Rebekah | Posted in The Past on Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 9:36 am

Liberty Autos opened in 1981 when I was 1 year old. With both of my parents striving to make the business work, I basically grew up at the car lot. I would push two office chairs together to lie down and take a nap on them. I helped the porters paint the prices on the windshields. I pretended to read my story books to the salesmen, even though I was too little to actually read. When I was older, I helped my mom do payroll by writing entries in a huge ledger book.

When we first started using computers in the early 90s, I was impressed with how high tech we were! When we started taking credit cards, I thought we were pretty cutting edge! This week, we started taking credit applications through our website Now I’m all grown up and love to bring my own daughters to the car lot. I can only imagine the advances that will be made in their lifetime.

When I was little, my dad told me that he believes in providing a good car for a good man. While Liberty will continue to seek out the best way to accommodate our customers through the latest advances in technology, it will always boil down to the same principle. We’re all about putting good people behind the wheel of good cars.

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