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Our Commercial with El Vaquero

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Liberty has done very little advertising over the years. It’s truly amazing what word of mouth and repeat customers have done for us. Our customers like our cars and the way we treat them. We’re so grateful that they share their Liberty experience with their families and friends and keep coming back year after year. A few months ago, we decided to make a T.V. commercial to get the word out about our four locations. We chose to work with Estrella TV, or channel 61 in Houston. They would direct the commercial and even provide the talent! We just had to stand in a group and say one sentence on cue. Los Esperamos aqui en Liberty! Or We’re waiting for you at Liberty! What we learned that day is that making commercials is hard. It took us at least 2 dozen attempts to get our one line right. The professional who did all the rest of the talking did an amazing job. I watched him before filming and wondered to myself what was this guy going to do! He was quiet and kept to himself, but when the camera came on, El Vaquero went to work! I guess that’s why he’s a professional T.V. personality, and we are not. I think we’ll stick to the car business and leave the commercials to the stars.

[wpvideo 8Ag7Gnch]