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The Liberty Star: Part 2

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

For this week’s Liberty Star, I’m happy to introduce you to a lady who has been a part of my life for twenty years.  Esthela Regalado manages our lot at 6111 Airline Drive and has had a very interesting career at Liberty Autos. Esthela is a straight shooter who will always tell you the unvarnished truth. She’s also the loving mother of three beautiful children. Her oldest son, Alex, was our first Liberty Baby. I’ve known Esthela since we were both teenagers. I’ve loved being a part of her life as we’ve grown in the business and as moms!

So, here are a few questions I asked Esthela and the answers she gave me.

When did you start working at Liberty?

I started working for Liberty Auto Sales on October 19th 1997. My older sister, Jessica, had already been working at Liberty for a couple of years.  She brought me in just after I graduated from Sam Houston High School. My first job at Liberty was actually as the cleaning lady! I started by cleaning the offices, then a little at a time I started doing more. Now, I manage my own car lot!

What was the first car you sold?

1991 Chevy Cavalier. That wasn’t an old car back then!

What is the most satisfying aspect of selling cars?

When I sold my first car, the lady customer was very happy because she really needed a car to take her children to school.  She hugged me and that made me feel very gratified.  Mr. B. really helped me through that sale.  I was nervous, but he helped me through it. 

What do you like best about working at Liberty?

After working for more than 15 years, I have come to enjoy working with my customers, my staff, and all my accomplishments and my duties as a Manager.