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Osborne Elementary School’s Open House

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

I was so fortunate as to attend tonight’s Open House at Osborne Elementary School. Seeing the kids’ eager faces, the teachers’ dedication, and the parents’ support made me hopeful for this new school year.  It was an exciting night.  Their cheerleaders and dance team performed, and three bikes were raffled off to some very lucky kids!

Back in the Spring, Liberty Autos became Osborne Elementary School’s Business Partner, which means that we support Osborne students and faculty through volunteers, cultural enrichment opportunities, as well as provide equipment and supplies.

A few weeks ago, Osborne’s administration let me know that their students need books.  They have a nice library at the school, but many students don’t have their very own books at home.  Liberty Autos was happy to help.  I come from a family of readers who love to share books.  There’s something magical about stepping into the world of a book.  The Liberty team came together and provided over a hundred books for Osborne.

I was the lucky one who got to hand out the books at Open House tonight.  When kids passed by my table, they couldn’t believe that they could just take a book.  It was wonderful to see them choose which one they wanted.  Some kids carefully looked through book after book, while other kids took the one off the top of the stack and ran!  My joy at watching the kids was bittersweet though.  Several kids would take a book back to their table, read the whole thing, and then politely asked if they could switch it for another selection.  Those hungry minds were making the most of the opportunity to read as much as they could.  I wish I had a hundred books for every single kid there.  I’m glad we were able to give what we gave, and I heartily look forward to the next opportunity to support Osborne’s students and faculty.