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Liberty Star: Part 3

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Our third Liberty Star is very special to me: Jessica Hernandez.  We’re celebrating Jessica’s 20th anniversary at Liberty Autos! She has been and remains to be a priceless asset to our company. Not only is she a first class car dealer, she’s one of my closest friends. We’ve been together for many of the most important events in our lives. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding; I mourned with her at her mother’s funeral; she was with me when I went into labor with my twins. Jessica is the type of person who will stand by you no matter how tough things get, which has made her a sharp business woman and more than a good friend.

It was great to sit down with Jessica last Friday and talk about her two decades at Liberty. We laughed about getting Glamour Shots and had a hilarious stroll down memory lane. I’m so thankful to have Jessica as a friend and colleague. It was fun to interview her and remember her early days at Liberty.

When did you start working at Liberty Autos?

I bought a car, a red 1989 Ford Taurus, and came on Saturdays to make my payments.  One week, Mr. B. asked me if I knew anyone looking for a job. I said, “How about me?” He hired me right then, but I told him I needed two weeks before I could start so that I could take my mom to Mexico to see our family. He said ok, and the rest is history. That was May 9, 1995, and I was 20 years old!

What was the first car you ever sold?

It was 1993 Dodge Spirit.  I’ll always remember because almost half the cars we had at that point were Spirits.  We had them in every color too: red, blue, and even purple!

What is the most satisfying aspect of selling cars?

Showing the customer that we care and that we want to make them happy.  We work hard to get them into the car they want. There’s no feeling in the world like making that happen for someone. 

What do you like best about working at Liberty?

Liberty is a second home to me. We’ve grown up together, raised our kids together, made it through the bad times together, and celebrated the good times together. We really are a family.

I just want to send a huge thank you to Jessica for her twenty years of excellent service.  She’s been a game changer in our company and in our lives.  She’s helped thousands of people over the years, and they keep coming back to her every time they need a car. Jessica is a rare jewel, and we’re lucky to have her.